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13-04-2016 – Almost get scammed

It was yesterday morning, woke up and thought i goto the Sathorn Unique Tower. Using the MRT and skytrain and arrived. It is a insane building. Lots of rumors around his building as well. I was there, look up, want go in. But something inside said no. And lots of people know me and overtime i said: I GO IN THERE!!! but that 1 moment that said inside NO. was for me a reason to let it go.

Suddenly a man asked me where i come from, i always don’t say the right city and country. So i said: Im from Antwerpen Belgium. The man was excited. I talk to him so: 1-0. He told me that the building is shutdown completely and you cannot go up anymore since may 2015.  In past it was possible you have pay 500bath. But he want show me something else, a buddha. There was also a tuk tuk waiting for his ride. Not a normal ride. This was a plan!!!

He said to the driver to bring me to the buddha after that to the pier so i can get a boat to Kings Palace. I pay 30bath to the tuk tuk driver and thats it. Ok, i already had little feeling this is not right, but ok when we arrive at the buddha and i don’t want use it i pay and walk my own.  Arrived at the buddha i go in the building, a guy was on the phone and said: You can make photo. I’ll did that because it was a temple (saw that on the map) and the man talked to me: Where you from my friend? The last part “my friend” was a signal… not good. But again told me where i come from and i goto the pier. Showed im the map and he point me a place where i can buy cheap cheap stuff… The tuk tuk will bring you there he said.

Outside i told the tuk tuk go directly to the Pier. I don’t want see the cheap fashion mall. The driver said: Go its nice, stay 5 minutes and then we go. This conversation was done after 10 min, I said no and he every time yes go… 2 liter gas is 200bath.. you pay me 30bath .. not enough. I knew that when i goto the fashion mall he get money for that. And said: NO. Ill pay you 30bath and i want goto the pier. Or i pay you now 15bath for the ride and i walk.

I agreed with the ride to pier. Yes after 5 min we arrived there. NO normal taxi boat. The normal one you pay 14bath. This one i pay 450bath. I ask where is the normal boat. A woman said very rude: No, you take this one. I knew this is not right. And walked away the alley was long. So walked bit faster. Some tourists walked as well and they paid 500bath per person from downtown to this pier. I said: Your scammed. And they agree, yes we are. But because i talked to those tourists the guys and woman become little aggressive. We all walked to the 7-11 and wait there for while. I checked online the normal pier, that was 1 allay further. So i walked to there. And finally had my 14 bath boat ride. Told the people there what happen, they knew this already but they can’t do anything about it.

Im so glad we have a program in Netherlands called “Opgelicht in buitenland” or “scammed City”. Learned a lot to see those series.
This was the first bad experience in Bangkok. Beside the taxi driver from Airport to hotel … See other blog post.

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