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15-04-2016 – Thai Traditional Massage

Across my hotel i saw a Thai Massage Salon. Ok the name was strange for me “Magic Hands”. I chat with a guy and he told me he worked there. So it was ok already and went to there yesterday. I choose a traditional Thai Massage and after oil Massage. Total 2 hours. We went up and the guy was very polite. We had in meanwhile a nice conversation. He told me he work there now for 2 years and started in his 18year. The thai massage was hard, painful but good. He told me that lots of massage salons do massage but soft and when finished the customer goes back to his hotel or home and don’t have any feeling he went to a massage. Thats why this guy do a massage how it has to be, and if its to painful then the customer will tell that.

After 1 hour of pain haha the oil massage started. That was soft, and my whole body become relaxing. Funny because the conversation stopped as well haha. After a while we talked again. He asked me sometimes if i’m ok. When he moved my leg of arm it was so gentle to hold this relax feeling of the body. He used a towel sometimes to give some pressure on muscles.

At the end we get down and get some hot tea. He had a hot towel and did little massage on the face, hands and let me rest for a moment. It was excellent massage and i told hi to check if he can learn for physiotherapist. Bang thank you for this last experience of my journey in Bangkok Thailand!!

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