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Handful tip journey Asia Region?

I’m working on my trip through Asia for 2016. Do you know maybe tips, locations or must see destinations? Please let me know !!

Thanks !!!

What will you advice:

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Photoblog Singapore Juli 2014

Between 19 – 29 juli i will visit Singapore again. Have some new locations want shoot and all the images will be post here.
Feel free to visit this post between 19 – 29 juli to see all the stunning images!

Project 2/8 – Old Amsterdam Anno 2013/2014

Stedelijk Museum with the new part of the building.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013 – Rijksmuseum

Bad message

Project: Bad message.
A self portrait with idea to show a bad message feeling.

Self portrait second one

A self made portrait photo. Made this very light accents to give it some body


Self portrait

A self portrait

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