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EYE Area Amsterdam Netherlands

18-02-2016 – Shanghai Sunset

I was at my hotel, little relaxing and i saw a very nice oppertunity to shoot Shanghai Skyline in a different way. The sun and sky was so nice, i shoot some images and this one is the best. I love the colors, and you can still see the buildings and know its Shanghai.

GoGo’s World Project #1

A supermarket (C1000) action called “GoGo’s” in the Netherlands. This is first shot of the GoGo’s world project.

Day after Commemoration Day on the 4th of May

The day after Commemoration Day on the 4th of May

Project 2/8 – Old Amsterdam Anno 2013/2014

Stedelijk Museum with the new part of the building.

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013 – Rijksmuseum



Photo made in Italy. clothespin Art


This vertical Panorama called a Vertorama

Day at Paris

Image made of 5 exposures. A very nice view of Paris

Human contrast

Woman who sit near Louvre Paris. The tourist right is looking at her…


A beautiful dragonfly, Nikon 105mm micro, Nikon D3s

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