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Tag : Zon

Magic stones on Isola Bella

These stones are balancing on eachother

Isola Bella

The garden of the Palace on Isolabella in lago Maggiore

Train rail

As far you can see the trail rail will not stop…. Taken with a Nikon D3s, Nikkor 28-300mm objective. Edit in Lightroom 5.

Cafe Hans en Grietje

This photo made by 3 exposures, edit them in to HDR and after that created a tilt-shift of it. So it looks like miniature

Some things will never change

Walking on the beach. I saw this fence. Remember this as a little boy. Edit the photo so it seems like a analog capture

Sunset with shadows

A very nice sunset on the beach. The silhouette of the streetlight makes this photo complete

CN Tower Toronto

In 2003 naar Toronto geweest. Bovenin geweest en als herinnering deze foto geschoten

This is not good

This image was taken for our resort hotel in Belek Turkey

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