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Handful tip journey Asia Region?

I’m working on my trip through Asia for 2016. Do you know maybe tips, locations or must see destinations? Please let me know !!

Thanks !!!

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    My blog “Journey Asia”

    Take a look at my new blog page “Journey Asia”. Read and if you have some tips, tricks, idea’s or places let me know !!!

    Photoblog Singapore Juli 2014

    Between 19 – 29 juli i will visit Singapore again. Have some new locations want shoot and all the images will be post here.
    Feel free to visit this post between 19 – 29 juli to see all the stunning images!

    Visiting Singapore April 2014

    In April i will visit Singapore.  Now i’m search for stunning places for photography. If you know some unknown places in Singapore that i need to see let me know !!! All tips are welcome !!! You can contact me using contact form – here

    Amsterdam Light Festival 2013

    Amsterdam Light Festival 2013 – Rijksmuseum

    Isola Bella – Flower Garden

    One flower that was totally alone.. in the flower garden. In background the IsolaBella Lake.

    Project 1/8 – Old Amsterdam Anno 2013

    This is a old bridge that was uses for trains. Now it’s using for underground to hold a Cafe/Restarant

    In my own world

    This woman was totally in her own world. People walk by, look at her, she was busy with herself.


    This vertical Panorama called a Vertorama

    Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

    Image made of 5 exposures. A very nice view of Paris

    Left behind

    This magazine has been left behind… The people are walking away.

    Magic stones on Isola Bella

    These stones are balancing on eachother

    Windmills Germany

    Windmills on wheat fields in Germany

    Train rail

    As far you can see the trail rail will not stop…. Taken with a Nikon D3s, Nikkor 28-300mm objective. Edit in Lightroom 5.

    Some things will never change

    Walking on the beach. I saw this fence. Remember this as a little boy. Edit the photo so it seems like a analog capture

    CN Tower Toronto

    In 2003 naar Toronto geweest. Bovenin geweest en als herinnering deze foto geschoten

    Sensimar Belek Resort Hotel

    Vorig jaar (2012) ben ik hier 2 weken geweest. Een geweldige atmosfeer en een mooie locatie om architectuur fotografie op toe te passen

    Birra Peroni

    Kratje op het stand van Viareggio

    Aangespoeld op het strand van Viareggio. De gele kleur maakt het kratje zo aanwezig waardoor de omgeving een zachte aanvulling is.

    Vrouw in oranje • Viareggio Italie

    Deze vrouw had zo haar eigen rituelen. Ze kwam mooi uit tegenover de blauw grijze kleur van de zee.

    This is not good

    This image was taken for our resort hotel in Belek Turkey

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