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05-02-2016 – Flight and Dinner Clarke Quay

Hi There all,

The flight was good. Fly with KLM and thats always  good company to fly with. Cabin crew was nice, and that had change the whole interiors and stuff to use based on “Delfts blauw”. At some delay at immigration long line of waiting people who want go into Singapore. At the flight i met a couple, they stay 2 weeks because their son had moved to Singapore to take a change to work and live here.

After i checked in at my Hotel, i did a shower and went to Clarke Quay. Met a friend there and have a dinner. Met him 2 years ago in Singapore as well. Was so nice to see him again!. Clarke Quay is a hotspot for tourists. Lots of restaurants, bars, entertainment user 1 big roof. It was normal streets but they build a roof on top so with rain you won’t get wet.

At the end i went back to my hotel, and my first bad experience was started. My neighbours make so may noise i can’t sleep. Went to the service desk and explain my problem. I have to come back tomorrow before 12:00 so they will change my room to a more quiet floor.

Here you have a 360 degrees photo of Clarke Quay:



Yes, something else then travel, but i explain why.

I promised 2 years ago to a boy who died about aids. This teddybear lost a his friend because of aids. There was a demonstration on “Museumplein” Amsterdam to “Stop Aids Now”. You can take a teddybear and make a photo with hashtag #stopaidsnow. of yourself include the teddybear.

At that moment i did a promise to that for me unknown kid: I will take this teddybear everywhere. So spiritual the kid will see the world how it looks like, and will remember forever.

So this journey is also a little journey for this kid and this Teddybear. You will see some pictures of this teddybear to remember everyone:

“Stop Aids Now”

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013

Amsterdam Light Festival 2013 – Rijksmuseum


This vertical Panorama called a Vertorama

Day at Paris

Image made of 5 exposures. A very nice view of Paris

Left behind

This magazine has been left behind… The people are walking away.

CN Tower Toronto

In 2003 naar Toronto geweest. Bovenin geweest en als herinnering deze foto geschoten

Sensimar Belek Resort Hotel

Vorig jaar (2012) ben ik hier 2 weken geweest. Een geweldige atmosfeer en een mooie locatie om architectuur fotografie op toe te passen

Kratje op het stand van Viareggio

Aangespoeld op het strand van Viareggio. De gele kleur maakt het kratje zo aanwezig waardoor de omgeving een zachte aanvulling is.

Vrouw in oranje • Viareggio Italie

Deze vrouw had zo haar eigen rituelen. Ze kwam mooi uit tegenover de blauw grijze kleur van de zee.

This is not good

This image was taken for our resort hotel in Belek Turkey

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