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Tag : Petronas Towers

02-04-2016 – Petronas Towers from top

On 31th of March went into the top of Petronas Towers. What a view. It was rainy so the images are not what i was expected… But still the view is beautiful.

27-03-2016 – Petronas Towers @ Night

2 x 5 Images ( -2, -1, 0, +1, +2) to create this Vectorama HDR version of the towers. Create the 2 HDR versions of he 2 images in AroraHDR and combine the 2 end results into AutoPano to stitch them together.  Fine-tune the image in Lightroom.

27-03-2016 – Front Petronas Towers

Its funny to see lots of images on internet from the back of the Petronas Towers. A local told me that this view is actual the front of the building. Enjoy the view…

27-03-2016 – Petronas Towers 360°

Here a wonderful view of the Petronas Towers at night. It had a magic feeling when you stand there and those 2 towers lighted up. I felt small, tiny, in a big world.




27-03-2016 – Petronas Towers ART

Some other perspective views of the famous towers.

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