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Left behind

This magazine has been left behind… The people are walking away.

Human contrast

Woman who sit near Louvre Paris. The tourist right is looking at her…

Wasp Version 2.0

Rebuild this image. Created a much better detailed macro of this Wasp.

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Magic stones on Isola Bella

These stones are balancing on eachother

Isola Bella

The garden of the Palace on Isolabella in lago Maggiore

Self portrait second one

A self made portrait photo. Made this very light accents to give it some body


Self portrait

A self portrait

Train rail

As far you can see the trail rail will not stop…. Taken with a Nikon D3s, Nikkor 28-300mm objective. Edit in Lightroom 5.

Model: Edwin

Edwin was model om wat uit te proberen met mijn studio verlichting. Deze foto is uiteindelijk tot stand gekomen

Cafe Hans en Grietje

This photo made by 3 exposures, edit them in to HDR and after that created a tilt-shift of it. So it looks like miniature

Apocalypse – New Castle

Deze foto zo bewerkt waardoor het lijkt of de wereld op punt staat te vergaan. Foto bestaat uit 5 opnames. Bewerkt in HDR Efex en Lightroom

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