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GayPride 2015

GayPride Amsterdam 2015

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Photos Gay Pride – Part 1

Photos Gay Pride – Part 2

Handful tip journey Asia Region?

I’m working on my trip through Asia for 2016. Do you know maybe tips, locations or must see destinations? Please let me know !!

Thanks !!!

    What will you advice:

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    My blog “Journey Asia”

    Take a look at my new blog page “Journey Asia”. Read and if you have some tips, tricks, idea’s or places let me know !!!

    Photoblog Singapore Juli 2014

    Between 19 – 29 juli i will visit Singapore again. Have some new locations want shoot and all the images will be post here.
    Feel free to visit this post between 19 – 29 juli to see all the stunning images!

    Prinsen Eiland Amsterdam

    Prinsen Eiland Amsterdam – Created from 9 images

    Escape stairs of a old university in Porlezza Italy

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    Street Photography

      Day after Commemoration Day on the 4th of May

      The day after Commemoration Day on the 4th of May

      A2 Highway between Amsterdam and Utrecht

      This a the A2 highway between Amsterdam and Utrecht


      Happy christmas and wonderful 2014

      I wish everyone a happy christmas and a wonderful 2014. That the new year brings a lot of create photo’s !!!

      Isola Bella – Flower Garden

      One flower that was totally alone.. in the flower garden. In background the IsolaBella Lake.

      Project 1/8 – Old Amsterdam Anno 2013

      This is a old bridge that was uses for trains. Now it’s using for underground to hold a Cafe/Restarant

      Stop Aids Now

      Stop Aids Now. 160.000 children died of Aids in Africa. All the bears are lot their friend symbolic. I have adopted one to take care of.

      In my own world

      This woman was totally in her own world. People walk by, look at her, she was busy with herself.

      Tunnel Subway Metro 51

      Metro 51 goes true this tunnel.


      This vertical Panorama called a Vertorama

      Basilique du Sacré-Cœur

      Image made of 5 exposures. A very nice view of Paris

      Left behind

      This magazine has been left behind… The people are walking away.

      Human contrast

      Woman who sit near Louvre Paris. The tourist right is looking at her…

      Green Lizard

      A green lizard behind glass. Animal Park: ARTIS Amsterdam

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